phpDesigner is today's complete integrated development environment for PHP for both beginners and professional developers that help you boost the process of editing, analyzing, debugging and publishing applications and websites powered by PHP and other web languages!


  • Intelligent and Advanced Editing
  • PHP code explorer shows all classes, extended classes, interfaces, properties, functions, constants and variables
  • Intelligent code suggestions for PHP with full support for PHP 5.2, nested objects and object-oriented programming!
  • Intelligent code suggestions for HTML/XHTML
  • Intelligent code suggestions for CSS (both version 1 and 2.1 are supported)
  • Intelligent code tip are displayed as you type, it shows you description, arguments and returning values for typed PHP functions including what version its available in!
  • Highlight (un)matching brackets/tags
  • Select or jump to matching brackets/tags
  • Automatic indent or close brackets
  • Jump to any declaration with filtering by classes, interfaces, functions, variables or constants
  • Auto completions and corrections
  • Bookmarks (1-9)
  • Search and replace in multiple files with support for highlighting search results and regular expression
  • Drag-n-drop text and files are supported
  • Advanced printing options

Support Language

  • PHP (both version 4 and 5 are supported)
  • SQL (MySQL, MSSQL 2000, MSSQL 7, Ingres, Interbase 6, Oracle, Sybase)
  • CSS (both version 1 and 2.1 are supported)
  • JavaScript
  • VBScript
  • Java
  • C#
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Ruby

Download: phpDesigner

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