Simple Ad Rotation Script

In this script (very easy script), we setup 3 ads for rotation. First ad, we want it to display 70%, second ad we want to display 20% and the last one we want to display 10%

What to do

1. Random number 1-100
  • if result = 1-70 (we have opportunity to display ad1, 70%)
  • if result = 71-90 (we have opportunity to display ad2, 20%)
  • if result = 91-100 (we have opportunity to display ad3, 10%)


In this script, we use rand(1, 100); to random number between 1 -100 and keep the result in variable named "$result_random" if result = 85 ad2 will be displayed.



// random number 1 - 100 $result_random = rand(1, 100);

// if result less than or equal 70, display ad1 (70%)
if($result_random <= 70){
echo "Display ad1";

// if result less than or equal 90, display ad2 (20%)
else if($result_random <= 90){
echo "Display ad2";

// if result less than or equal 100, display ad3 (10%)
else {
echo "Display ad3";


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