Test php mail function on your localhost


ArGoSoft Mail Server is full SMTP/POP3/Finger/IMAP server for all Windows platforms, which will let you turn your computer into the email system. It is very compact, takes about 1-5 Mb of disk space (depending on the version), does not have any specific memory requirements, and what is the most important - it's very easy to use.

- Click here to download Mail Server Freeware

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- Kerio Mail server (PC+MAC, Free Trial)

Run ArGoSoft Mail Server


Run Argosoft you'll see this

Go to Tools > Options

- Go to Tools > Options
- Select tab Local Domains
- Add "localhost" to list and click ok!

Go to Tools > User

- Go to Tools > User You'll see User Setup
- Click on Add New User icon
- fill your user name, name, password user name refers to your email address (user_name@localhost) Now! we have email address "me@localhost"

Open You email client software i.e outlook express, incredimail, Thunderbird

In this tutorial we use outlook express
- Open outlook express go to Tools > Accounts...
- Click Add > Mail
- Insert your name, insert your email that you have created in previous step (me@localhost)or else

Config email server name, internet mail logon
- Email server name - Incomming mail and Outgoing mail type "localhost"
- Internet mail logon - Account name type your user name (me) and the same password that created using Argosoft

Ready to test
- Now you're ready to test, copy this code and save as filename.php and test open this file by open url:http://localhost/filename.php
- Open Outlook to recieve email

############### Code


// ---------------- SEND MAIL FORM ----------------

// send e-mail to ...

// Your subject

// From
$header="from: your name <your email>";

// Your message
$message="Hello \r\n";
$message.="This is test\r\n";
$message.="Test again ";

// send email
$sentmail = mail($to,$subject,$message,$header);

// if your email succesfully sent
echo "Email Has Been Sent .";
else {
echo "Cannot Send Email ";


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